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Pregnancy Massage - AS SMART Esperance WA


Remedial & Sports Massage

‘Helping you to stay active
and pain free’

Pregnancy Massage - AS SMART Esperance WA

Tired of wasting money...

and getting very little relief?

Pregnancy Massage - AS SMART Esperance WA

Eliminate your pain

You can be pain free by treating the cause rather than the symptoms.

Pregnancy Massage - AS SMART Esperance WA

Sports Injury Recovery

Sports Massage

Help your body to prepare for upcoming events or performances or treat sports and training injuries.

Pregnancy Massage - AS SMART Esperance WA

Relieve Stress & Discomfort

Pregnancy Massage

The right kind of massage can help to alleviate your aches and pains and address postural changes that occur during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage - AS SMART Esperance WA

Polarity Therapy

Eliminate Blockages

Experience the sense of peace and total relaxation when blocked energy is released and allowed to flow normally.

Pregnancy Massage - AS SMART Esperance WA

Live pain free

Stay active for longer

Debilitating pain caused by chronic conditions, sports or work-related accidents need not be permanent. We get brilliant results with people who say ‘I’ve tried everything!’

Free youself from pain

Our professional team treat all muscular aches & pains

Necks, Backs, Shoulders, sciatica, knees and Feet

¬†You really don’t have to suffer anymore.

Massage therapies to help you to stay active and pain free

AS SMART Remedial Massage Esperance

Our team is ready to help you with…

neck, shoulder and back pain, headaches, sporting injuries foot, knee and leg pains, sciatica pregnancy-related discomfort workplace injuries general pain, muscular tension, discomfort and general stress.

Feeling Better with AS SMART

“Had no movement in my shoulder when I first saw Peter. Less than 6 months later I’m back Kayaking again with full range of movement. No service in town compares”

Kath Little

Esperance WA

Muscular tension relief after many years. Thanks Jess! No one else has been able to fix my back, particularly my neck and shoulders, where I have been suffering for so long”


“I’ve had multiple doctor appointments for my knee and they couldn’t fix it. Two times here and it’s like new. 10 out of 10. Will definitely recommend AS Smart to my friends”

Rodney Tucker

Esperance WA

Our Main Focus at AS SMART

We utilise specialist pain management techniques, such as Musculo-Skeletal Therapy, Pressure Point, Trigger Point Therapy and Polarity Therapy, to encourage your body to restore its natural balance and structural integrity.

These treatments are tailored to meet the specific needs of your body,
so that the underlying cause of your pain can be eliminated.

Don’t Suffer In Silence Any More

The professional remedial massage therapists at AS SMART can help free you of your pain.

Talk to us on 0428 422 368

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