Polarity Therapy ~ Releasing blocks in the Human energy Field

Please note that we will closed from May 31st 2024 until 9th Sept 2024.

Polarity Therapy is the art and science of releasing blocks in the Human energy Field. Most importantly, it aims to reestablish the flow of energy that governs all aspects of human life; assisting the body to heal itself and restore balance between the body, mind and soul.

Therefore, Polarity Therapy is much more than just a healing modality. It’s an understanding of human life and a way to live harmoniously with the laws of nature, physically, mentally and spiritually. The hands-on healing approach of Polarity Therapy, works with three crucial levels of energy. The energy field itself, the nervous system and the body structure.

There are many times in life when we feel unable to cope. Times when illness, pain, stress, and overwhelming emotions, seem insurmountable, and it becomes important to seek help. Polarity Therapy is a natural and complementary approach to health care and can be used for a wide range of conditions.

Key Benefits of Polarity Therapy

  • Deep relaxation that helps the resolution of anxiety, pain and/or tension
  • New awareness and insights into your energetic patterns and their implications
  • A more robust immune system
  • Better blood circulation
  • Deeper breathing capacity
  • Improved nutritional choices
  • Looser joints and relaxed muscles
  • Restored functioning of your vital organs systems; circulation, respiration, digestion and elimination
  • Improved creativity, clarity, concentration, stamina, self-awareness and peace of mind
  • You get resources and tools to help you maintain balance and overall health
Polarity Therapy - AS Smart Esperance
Polarity Therapy - AS Smart
Polarity Therapy - Esperance
Polarity Therapy - AS Smart

What to Expect During Your First Polarity Therapy Visit

A Polarity Therapy session lasts approximately 90 minutes. During the first half of the session, your therapist will  make ‘polarity contacts’ on the front and back of your body. This involves using a combination of gentle hand placements, reflexology, and firm rocking movements. The intention of this contact is to stimulate and promote the movement of life energy.

During your polarity session, you will usually experience very deep relaxation. The therapist may discuss your lifestyle choices, such as your diet, and suggest some self-help practices, such as Polarity yoga movements and breathing exercises.

Polarity therapy is suitable for all age groups. It involves very light touch, and is performed with you fully clothed.

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